I’m Kat, and this is my word blog.

As an avid reader and native English speaker, I don’t often think about building my vocabulary. But I realized that at some point, I pretty much stopped learning new words: I gloss over them and either figure them out from context or just move on.

One of the unexpected delights of the Kindle is how easy it is to look up words in place. I thought it would be fun to keep a list of all the words I’ve looked up while reading. It’s shaping up into a motley collection, ranging from highly obscure or specialized terminology to familiar words used in an unfamiliar way.

You can keep up with new additions by following this blog here on WordPress.com, or on Twitter at @wordsbykat. To browse all the entries in a dictionary format, check out words.codebykat.com.

If you’re curious about how this whole thing works (Kindle highlights -> WordPress blog, with some yaks in-between), I also wrote a longer post about the technological side of it.