Emptiness, in terms of a meditative state; an Eastern concept of a high meditative state of calm and freedom from distraction.

[shunyata is a variant spelling]

You observe only the frozen shell of her body … but inside, in the realm of shunyata, a great and wonderful transformation is at work.”

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de novo

Anew, afresh, from the beginning; without consideration of previous instances, proceedings or determinations.

To donate, not just a lung or a kidney, but my entire body, irrelevant memories and all, to an arbitrarily constructed – but fully functioning – de novo human being?

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A network of businesses that own stakes in one another as a means of mutual security, especially in Japan, and usually including large manufacturers and their suppliers of raw materials and components.

Yeah, Harlan’s World was settled by a Japanese keiretsu using East European labor.

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